Do any of the following resonate with you?

    • You feel lost in life.
    • Your mind is working overtime, leaving you exhausted.
    • You wish you could just switch it all off and unplug from what’s happening.
    • You find yourself unable to tell others “no.”
    • You feel yourself sinking into increasingly negative feelings and thoughts.
    • You’re scared that your relationship isn’t going to work out and find yourself preoccupied with fear of abandonment.

If so, I’m here to help you reclaim your life.

Trauma-Focused and Trauma-Informed Therapy

If you have suffered childhood trauma or abuse at any life stage, you may find that you blame yourself for the behaviors of others, question what is wrong with you, and feel as if you have to “fix” every relationship, even if that means putting your needs last. You may find that you suffer from (and have even tried to treat) symptoms of anxiety or depression but the symptoms never really get better because the root cause has never been addressed.

Having a therapist trained in the treatment of trauma is imperative to help you understand these symptoms, feel heard, and feel more empowered to live a life that you find fulfilling.

Virtual Counseling

Services available in Georgia and Florida

Hi, I’m Christine Woodard
From an early age I knew I wanted to work with trauma and abuse survivors and have often told people I was created for the work I do. I am passionate about providing care for those who are experiencing emotions that feel out of control, have a history of poor intimate and/or family relationships, and feel like they are unable to break free from the exhausting cycle that these cause.

What makes me different?  I am goal-oriented and action-focused. I will meet you where you are, and allow you to set the pace.  I strive to always help you identify actions for long-term changes.